No Regrets

Sometimes you fall off the wagon. Sometimes you need that massive brownie sundae or a big plate of pasta. It’s ok to have a meal that you know will totally kill your diet, you’re allowed to be human! If you go head on into a diet and eat nothing but celery and water, you’re going to hate life. You have to find that balance of eating right and allowing yourself that one cheat meal. 

Today was a bad day for me. I’ve got some crappy cold that has my nose running nonstop and I’m so tired. I am normally tired but I was falling asleep either at 7 or before the past few days! So with my crappy cold and tired head I told Zach we would be doing leftover for dinner. 

Then it happened, the carb craving. I was watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and the episode was in Shanghai. I’m a sucker for good Chinese food. I grew up in New Jersey, I know good Chinese take out, pizza and dinner food. As I was watching all the delicious Chinese food Zimmern was eating I looked up local Chinese take out places. 

An hour later we were sitting at the dinner table enjoying chow fun, hot and sour soup and egg rolls. 

Lucy seemed to enjoy her egg roll

I’m totally over my calories for today, probably about 1000 over but it’s ok! I don’t regret it and I’ll hop back on my better diet tomorrow. Until then, I’ll sip my Sleepy Time tea and feel satisfied that I gave into a craving for once. 

Author: TheTiredFoodie

I’m a white coat wife, mommy and foodie thats trying to get back in shape. I take recipes from various blogs, cookbooks and those random Facebook posts and turn them into my own! Trying to find a way to get fit and still eat things I enjoy.

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